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No Fear Flock PDF Print E-mail

phobiaFear.  So common to the human experience.  Find out more in this sermon about how Christ followers deal with fear based on the teaching of Jesus.  

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Fish Story :: Appoint PDF Print E-mail

Fish Story Power Point SlideWhat happens when a stubborn, angry, depressed Jonah ignores God and refuses to enter into conversation that God initiates?  God gives him a shade tree?!?!  Find out more in this sermon on the 4th chapter of Jonah where God uses his power over the ocean, a fish, a plant, and wind to reach out in love to a very reluctant and undeserving prophet. 

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Fish Story :: Remember PDF Print E-mail

Fish Story Power Point SlideGod can't seem to get Jonah's attention.  He speaks to Jonah.  He causes a storm to nearly tear his boat in two.  He causes the casting of lots to fall on Jonah.  Finally, God gets Jonah's attention and he "remembers" the Lord.  Find out in this sermon what gets his attention and how this same God is trying to get your attention too. 

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Fish Story :: Fish PDF Print E-mail

Fish Story Power Point SlideWhy would anyone believe the stories that are contained in the Bible?  Especially one like Jonah and the whale.  Find out in this sermon why there is good evidence that we should not only believe in Jonah but more importantly in the One that Jonah's story eventually points to.  

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Fish Story :: Flee PDF Print E-mail

Fish Story Power Point SlideJonah is approached by God with a mission.  To bring a message to the Ninevites.  Jonah is not interested and runs away hoping to avoid the very presence of God.  Only problem is that God's not finished with Jonah yet.  He sends a storm and sovereignly controls the casting of lots and let's Jonah know that in spite of human's propensity to flee, God pursues.  

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