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Gospel of God :: Kingdom PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godIf the kingdom of God came down, what would it look like?  Jesus tells a series of parables in Mark chapter 4 that reveal the nature of the kingdom.  How it reveals, who is in and who is out, how it's planted, and how it's grown.  Most importantly, what is the "secret" of the kingdom.  

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Gospel of God :: Soils PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godMany hearers and so many different responses.  Why are some closed to the gospel?  Why are others joyous upon hearing it and then later reject it?  Why do others intellectually agree to later give in to temptation and leave the faith altogether?  Why do some receive it and produce a fruit yield only explainable in terms of a supernatural transformation of the human heart?  Jesus answers these questions in Mark chapter 4 through the parable of the soils.  Find out more from this excellent sermon from Steve Oloo.

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Gospel of God :: Inside PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godMark makes it clear that Jesus is God, human and King.  How does this compare to the religion of his day?  How does this compare to the religion of our day?  Find out in this sermon as we see Jesus interact with the Pharisees over issues around holiness.  Who is holy?  Who is not?  And how do I get there?  Click here to find out:

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Gospel of God :: Mission PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godJesus is revealed in Mark chapters 1 thru 4 as King over everything - nature, sickness, demons, death!  Now it's time for him to bring his kingship to the world.  His method for accomplishing this mission of cosmological proportions?  Sending out a small band of followers in teams to show and tell the good news of His coming.  Find out in this sermon how Jesus trains His disciples (and you) for the King's mission.

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Gospel of God :: Faith PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godJesus shows himself to be the most powerful King there ever was or ever will be with the effortless control of a storm, a legion of demons, and death itself.  This sermon explores these displays of of power and how this truth ends up giving us the capacity to NEVER be afraid. 

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