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EQUIP :: Desperate PDF Print E-mail

EQUIPLOGOSermon by Dave Bourgeois

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EQUIP :: Equip PDF Print E-mail

EQUIPLOGOSermon by Dan Moylan

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EQUIP :: Pillar PDF Print E-mail

EQUIPLOGOSermon by Austin Kopack

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EQUIP :: Deacons PDF Print E-mail

EQUIPLOGOThere are two categories of recognized leaders in the church - elders and deacons.  Elders oversee, shepherd, and teach, but what do deacons do?  They do what their name means - serve.  Find out in this sermon what deacons do, what the qualifications of the deacon are, the How/Why of what they do, and how this all applies to every member of the church.  

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EQUIP :: Elders PDF Print E-mail

EQUIPLOGOThe church in Ephesus is a mess and Timothy has a short "to do" list.  Confront false teachers, confront men and women about their behavior, and install some qualified leaders.  This sermon covers the office of elder or overseer.  Their willingness, their work, and who they need to be in order to qualify.  

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