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The Prophet :: Pray PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOThree years of drought and God turns the water back on through a prayer.  A prayer uttered by Elijah that was humble, bold, specific, and persistent.  Find out how your prayers can be the same. 

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The Prophet :: The Duel PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOAfter a 3 year drought due to the behavior of king Ahab and his people, God decides to turn the water back on.  The way He goes about it is one of the most dramatic stories in the Bible.  A showdown between Baal and the God of Israel.  Between 450 prophets of Baal and Elijah.  Find what this duel reveals about the character of God and how that impacts the way you worship Him.  

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The Prophet :: Intercession PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOElijah is faced with another situation where he finds himself at the end of his rope.  The child of the widow who is feeding him has died and she is in anguish.  Honestly, so is he.  Find out what we learn from his audacious prayer to God for him to do something that had never been done before - revive a person from the dead.  

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READY:SET:SOW:2 PDF Print E-mail

Slide01In Ready:Set:Sow:1 we found out how to make more disciples.  This week we dive into why we don't do it even though we know we should.  In a word, we don't do it because it's hard.  Hard because it takes risk, it often times happens at a very slow rate, and it requires resources.  Find out in this sermon how Jesus motivates his followers to die the necessary deaths that lead to new life in us and those around us.   

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READY:SET:SOW:1 PDF Print E-mail

Slide01How do we make more disciples?  In a word, "Plant".  Plant the seed of the gospel and then Pray that God would move in the hearts of those who have heard it.  Then when we recognize it, we bring in a harvest of new disciples!  Find out more in this sermon. 

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