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Gospel of God :: Judgment PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godIt's the last week of Jesus' life and he's heading into Jerusalem.  He curses a fig tree for not producing figs even though it's not the season for figs.  What gives?  In a word - judgment.  Find out how Jesus judges the old kingdom in order to usher in his own and how he's still turning over a few tables in the hearts and lives of his followers.  

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Elder Testimonies :: Tom PDF Print E-mail

eldertestHere's one of our elders sharing about how God called him to faith in Christ and how He is working in his life today.

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Elder Testimonies :: Dan and Ryan PDF Print E-mail

eldertestHere's two of our elders sharing about how God called them to faith in Christ and how He is working in their lives today.  

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Easter Sunday 2015 PDF Print E-mail

Slide01Jesus the King goes through a horrific 24 hours of being mocked, beaten, spit on, whipped, and crucified.  During the whole ordeal He says very little and does nothing, that is, until Sunday morning.  Find out how Jesus' resurrection ushers in the kingship of Jesus and how that effects the world and you.  

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Gospel of God :: King PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godJesus arrives in Jerusalem, riding on a colt of a donkey.  The crowds wave palm branches and lay their coats down to line the road and sing praises to and about his person.  What sort of king would be worthy of such acclaim?  Find out in this Palm Sunday sermon from the book of Mark.   

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