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Descendant :: Desperate PDF Print E-mail

finalDavid is on the run from king Saul and is completely alone and desperate. He lies, pretends to be a madman and winds up alone in a cave without friends or family.  God shows up in a very unlikely way to save David from his desperation.  Find out what God does for David and how this is similar to God's solution for our own desperation too.  

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Descendant :: Humble PDF Print E-mail

finalDavid is running for his life from a crazed, demonically influenced, paranoid, insecure king named Saul.  He's hiding in a cave knowing that there are 3000 of the best soldiers in the Israelite army out to get him.  Saul makes a bathroom run into this very same cave and David has the chance to smite his enemy and take the kingship that he and God know will one day be his.  David doesn't pull the trigger and is even struck in his conscience because he took a snip off of the royal robe.  Why?  And what does this have to do with us in 2014 regarding how we interact with unjust authority?  Find out in this sermon on 1 Samuel 24.  

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Descendant :: Defiant PDF Print E-mail

finalFor 40 days Goliath defies God and God's people.  Everyone cowers and wonders why God doesn't do anything to protect His name.  Little do they know but He has.  He's sent a middle school kid on a pizza run for his older brothers.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Find out more in this sermon as we consider the enemy, the champion, the weapons, the strategy, and the result.  

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Descendant :: Anoint PDF Print E-mail

finalThis is the intro to a sermon series on King David. In the garden of Eden, humanity begins a long wait for a descendant that will one day rescue them from the fall.  With each major character in the Bible (Noah, Abraham, Moses, The Judges . . .) there is hope that the Promised One has arrived and will make things right.  No moment was more pregnant with possiblity than the annointing of David as King of Israel.  Find out if David is the long awaited One and how he points to the ultimate solution to the problems of this world.  

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No Fear Flock PDF Print E-mail

phobiaFear.  So common to the human experience.  Find out more in this sermon about how Christ followers deal with fear based on the teaching of Jesus.  

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