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EQUIP: Gospel / Family / Mission PDF Print E-mail

EQUIPLOGOThis is the introduction to the EQUIP series.  We explore Acts chapter 9 and Saul's conversion.  In the opening days of Saul's interaction with Jesus he experiences the gospel, the family of God, and the mission.  This is God's plan for all Christians.  Be inspired and challenged to participate in all three and join us on this journey of being equipped.  

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Gospel of God :: Crux PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godThe entire gospel of Mark points forward to Jesus' death.  In these chapters of Mark (14,15) we see how Jesus is determined to fulfill the sovereign plan of his Father which includes torture and death on a cross.  How could a death result in something good?  Find out in this sermon how the death of Jesus changes everything including your own life both in this world and the one to come.    

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Gospel of God :: The End PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godThe disciples ask about the signs leading up to the end of the world.  Jesus gives them a coaching session on how to survive (even thrive) in the midst of intense suffering.  Find out how to keep from being led astray, be shrewd in the face of persecution, and turn persecution into opportunities for gospel witness.  

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Gospel of God :: Judgment PDF Print E-mail

gospel of godIt's the last week of Jesus' life and he's heading into Jerusalem.  He curses a fig tree for not producing figs even though it's not the season for figs.  What gives?  In a word - judgment.  Find out how Jesus judges the old kingdom in order to usher in his own and how he's still turning over a few tables in the hearts and lives of his followers.  

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Elder Testimonies :: Tom PDF Print E-mail

eldertestHere's one of our elders sharing about how God called him to faith in Christ and how He is working in his life today.

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