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Fish Story :: Flee PDF Print E-mail

Fish Story Power Point SlideJonah is approached by God with a mission.  To bring a message to the Ninevites.  Jonah is not interested and runs away hoping to avoid the very presence of God.  Only problem is that God's not finished with Jonah yet.  He sends a storm and sovereignly controls the casting of lots and let's Jonah know that in spite of human's propensity to flee, God pursues.  

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Pneuma :: Prophecy PDF Print E-mail

PNUEMASLIDEThe Apostle Paul spends all of chapter 12 of 1 Corinthians telling the church how all the gifts are important and interdependent.  Then in the final verse of that chapter tells Christians to pursue "higher gifts".  Find out what that gift is and why Paul would exhort Christians to pursue it above all others.  

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Pneuma :: Love PDF Print E-mail

PNUEMASLIDEThe Corinthian church is a mess of back biting and competition.  Even fighting over what spiritual gifts are most important.  The Apostle Paul reminds us what the most "excellent way" is which is love.  Find out in this sermon what true Christian love is and what happens when it gets authentically expressed in and through the church.  

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Pneuma :: Calls PDF Print E-mail

PNUEMASLIDEThe church is to be a tight knit community (gathered) which is on the mission of getting the gospel to the nations (scattered).  One of the ways the Holy Spirit accomplishes this is by giving a diversity of spiritual gifts to those who make up the church.  These gifts when empowered by the Spirit make this vision possible.  Find out more about what these gifts are, their purpose and how you can discover the ones that you have been given.  

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Pneuma :: Baptizes PDF Print E-mail

PNUEMASLIDEWhat is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?  This is a hotly debated topic among Christians.  Find out in this sermon what it is and how you know if you have experienced it.  

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