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THE Prophet :: Humility PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOPower, position, and wealth.  What every human seems to want more than anything else.  Naaman the Syrian had this.  He also had leprosy and was willing to do anything to cure it.  Problem was that nothing he could "do" ever resulted in a cure.  Find out how God shows someone far from him how humility before him results in a life changed by grace.  

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The Prophet :: The Big Ask PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOInterested in seeing God do miracles in your life?  Most people immediately say yes.  The Bible indicates that this is what God wants too.  Find out how God involves his children in the miraculous.  

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The Prophet :: The Prophet PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOA little known story in the Bible that we may want to pretend doesn't exist.  A group of boys makes fun of Elisha the prophet.  Elisha calls a curse down on them and two she bears come out of the woods and maul 42 of them to death.  Find out how this story points to grace that is ultimately shown through Christ's mediatorial work on the cross. 

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The Prophet :: Call PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOWhy is it that human beings are on a search for meaning?  It's something unique to humans.  Christians believe this comes from a Creator God who desires for us to be in relationship with him on a mission with him.  We are "called" by God.  Find out more about what kind of calling you have and how your knowledge of this is the most important thing you could ever discover.  

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The Prophet :: Mercy PDF Print E-mail

PROPHETLOGOElijah has had the best week of his ministry career.  His count of twitter followers is soaring.  Christianity Today is calling for interviews.  The book deal is just around the corner.  He finds himself depressed and wanting God to take his life.  Find out why he's depressed and how God deals with him and with us when we find ourselves in a deep hole with no way out.  

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